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August 1928 - Rev. Girault Jones begins regular services in the

Maple Room of the Peach Tree Inn.

December 1928 - 17 people sign petition asking for organization of church.

January 1929 - Bishop Bratton admits mission to Diocese under name of St. Paul’s.

June 1929 - Williams family deeds land on corner of Norwood and Williams Streets to the Diocese.

February 1930 - The church is completed in time for use on last Sunday in February.

December 1, 1963 - Rev. Cecil Jones, brother of the founder, becomes the first full-time priest at St. Paul’s.  The church property is too small, and a six-plot lot on Goodyear Blvd. is given by the Granville H. Williams family.  A parish house is constructed on the new site.

September 1973 - Rev. Cecil Jones retires.  Rev. Peter Peterson is Vicar from March until July 1974. 

October 1974 - Rev. Stephen Carter becomes Vicar.

October 1982 - Rev. Joseph W. Pinner is called by Bishop Gray, Jr. and Mission Committee to become Vicar.  The church purchases a house at 1500 Goodyear Blvd. as the new vicarage.

1983 - The goal of self-support is met when the budget passes with no request for assistance.  Work is begun on the design of a new church.

1984 - Construction is begun on new church.

January 1985 - St. Paul’s is received as a parish of Diocese of Mississippi.

February 1985 - The first service is held in the new church.  Fr. Pinner is called as first Rector and remains in the position until 1986. 

1988 - Rev. Joe Chambers is called as Rector. 

2000 - Rev. Sheila Fellhauer succeeds Fr. Chambers as rector of St. Paul's.

Summer 2003 - St. Paul’s School opens

September 2003 - Rev. Sheila Fellhauer resigns

October 2003 - Rev. Bronson Bryant is appointed interim rector

July 2004 - Rev. Jim Galbraith is appointed interim rector

Spring 2005 - Rev. Kathleen Potts accepts call to be rector

August 29, 2005 - Hurricane Katrina causes major destruction to St. Paul's buildings and grounds. 

2006 - With help from the National Church, the Diocese of Mississippi, The Church of the good Shepherd, Nashua, NH, and many others, St. Paul's rebuilds.  The school is unable to remain open, and the educational building becomes the temporary home of Episcopal Lutheran Ministries.

March 2012 Rev. Kathleem Potts resigns, and The Rev. Arthur C. (Nick) Johnson becomes Priest-in-Charge.  With the help of Fr. Johnson and a strong lay leadership, we look to a strong future, moving forward together. 

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